Praise for You Go To My Head

"Monique does do her jazz diva thing well, however, and this is a confident, honey-voiced solo effort in sultry Spanish, Portuguese and English tones, no less." - Jonathan Rothman, EXCLAIM

CD PICK OF THE WEEK: JAZZ, The Toronto Star (3 ½ out of 4)

"Beauty and talent personified" - MARKHAM JAZZ FESTIVAL

"This debut promises much for the future." - Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafé

"Vocalist Janelle Monique’s You Go to My Head penetrates the world of the 'diabolically seductive' vocalists of today’s jazz...Crisp tones, rigorous improvisation and daring non-conformist arrangements make this an adventure...You Go to My Head with all its rhythmic sparkle… is iPod bound!" - Karl Stober, eJazzNews

"Sometimes you hear a voice, a song on the radio perhaps, and you know you are hearing something special. That is the feeling you get when you hear Janelle Monique for the first time." - John Duarte, EAST OF THE CITY

"Stand-outs on this evening from the CD were her samba-based version of 'Dust in the Wind', one of the best versions of that song I have ever heard" - Joyce Corbett, THE LIVE MUSIC REPORT

"The music is eclectic and captivating" - Ashante Infantry , THE TORONTO STAR