"Sometimes you hear a voice, a song on the radio perhaps, and you know you are hearing something special. That is the feeling you get when you hear Janelle Monique for the first time." - John Duarte, EAST OF THE CITY

CD PICK OF THE WEEK: JAZZ, The Toronto Star (3 ½ out of 4)

"Stand-outs on this evening from the CD were her samba-based version of 'Dust in the Wind', one of the best versions of that song I have ever heard" - Joyce Corbett, THE LIVE MUSIC REPORT

"The music is eclectic and captivating" - Ashante Infantry , THE TORONTO STAR

"Beauty and talent personified" - MARKHAM JAZZ FESTIVAL

"Monique does do her jazz diva thing well, however, and this is a confident, honey-voiced solo effort in sultry Spanish, Portuguese and English tones, no less." - Jonathan Rothman, EXCLAIM

Praise for You Go To My Head

"Vocalist Janelle Monique’s You Go to My Head penetrates the world of the 'diabolically seductive' vocalists of today’s jazz...Crisp tones, rigorous improvisation and daring non-conformist arrangements make this an adventure...You Go to My Head with all its rhythmic sparkle… is iPod bound!" - Karl Stober, eJazzNews

"This debut promises much for the future." - Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafé